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Thursday 14th October 

6:30pm to 8:30pm

Monday 1st November

4pm to7pm

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Our COVID-19 Response

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COVID-19 Let's Talk Session
October 2021
In October and November NPAYOF and their volunteers are reaching out the the community to educate, uplift and guide people to resources that can help with any wellbeing issues they may be facing.
Having candid conversations, tackling concerns about the vaccine and hopefully reducing misinformation around COVID-19.


COVID-19 Support 


Nobody could foresee the virus that would massively change society and how we live. However, this did not stop us from supporting the community. National Parents and Youths Open Forum is a community project delivered by the Shepherd Fold Ministry charity. As a local organisation to support our community and our service user, quickly became accessible online, and even more information and help was made available to the group. We provided a befriending service, food parcel home delivery or pick-up and signposted other to food banks and access support service available near them. 


We also provided sleeping bags and winter jackets for the homeless during the lockdown. The volunteers were making calls to check on the elderly and vulnerable people among the group. We made sure that information, resources and services were available to offer to people who will call for assistance. The project became a live wire to the community during the time people needed us most.

Moving the forum meetings online worked to our advantage as the parents forum meeting attracted more interested members.

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