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There is not a single area that is not affected by the pandemic. The need for information and support on how to tackle the 'new normal' is understandably great. To help you navigate the situation, we have put together some areas of support so you can find information you need.


Guiding Hackney through the affects of Covid-19. Providing advice from the NHS, a guid for parents, simple and effective advice on how to protect yourselves and others as well as up to date  government information and advice. Please get in touch if you are looking for information on COVID-19, the symptoms and what you can do to stay safe


Talk to us

We are offering walk in sessions where you can come in a talk to our trained staff and discuss any areas of concerns you may have like long term covid symptoms. Book here.

Bag of Groceries


You may be eligible to apply for vouchers to support you during this difficult time. Please contact us to provide you with support applying for these.

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community champion

We are proud community champions of Hackney council, trained and equipped to support the residents of Hackney.

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Poliovirus is spreading in the community in North and East London and immunisation is the best protection against this disease. The NHS is offering the vaccine to children aged 1 to 9 in London as an extra dose or to catch up with their routine vaccinations, to ensure a high level of protection. 

You can get an extra dose of the polio vaccine for your child by speaking to your doctor or attending one of the below clinics in Hackney.

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