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This year so far...

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One of most popular session thus far, we thoroughly embraced a session about mental health in young people and how it can be identified and effectively supported.

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This timely session was organised to educate parents on how they can handle school transitions. Hearing from the two speakers, showing different perspectives we saw how the council and police are directly involved in supporting young people going through school transitions.


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Continuing the topic of school transitions Francesca homed in on the move from primary school to secondary. She emphasised the benefits and potential difficulties in this change and what parents can do to reduce any worries or concerns they may have. She also signposted where help can be sort in the event of issues.



Community Fun Day with Well Street Common Neighbourhood 

NPAYOF was invited to the Community Fun Day held by Hackney council at Frampton Park Baptist Church 

The London Faith & Belief 5th Community Awards

Congratulations to Hackney's National Parents And Youths Open Forum (NPAYOF) and Pastor Joycelyn Dankwa on receiving an award from the London Faith & Belief Community Awards 2021 awarded by the Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London’s Council on Faith. The Forum and its associated youth club meet at Clapton Park Methodist Church, Chatsworth Road E5. 


The London Faith & Belief Community Awards celebrate the vital work of London’s faith and belief communities by bringing together local heroes and shining a light on their inspirational work, demonstrating how Londoners from all faiths and beliefs can work together for a fairer and more inclusive city.

Newington Green Unity Festival  11/09/2021

NPAYOF was invited to the first ever Newington Green Unity Festival which was a huge success! Newington Green Alliance is a fantastic initiative in the Hackney borough which aims to bring people together and support the most vulnerable. 

We spent the day enjoying the sunshine and talking to the local community members about our project. 

Post Covid-19 NPAYOF Family Fun Day

We had a beautiful day on the Mabley Park greenery parents, kids and local community members joined us for some fun. 

Lynne from Hope UK led an eye-opening session on parenting, the police engaged with with everyone answering their questions and Rev Joycelyn hosted the occasion.

For the kids we had a fun and exciting kids entertainer who kept us happy all day.

Don't miss next year's annual event and we celebrate the continued success of the organisation and continue to raise awareness.

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Standing in the Gap


We believe if the community remain silent knife crime will become the norm in our society. Therefore, we aim to intervene at every level to save our future generation.

Our aim is to educate parents to understand youth culture and gangs. We work

with professionals, government representatives, local organisations and the

community as a whole in order to help our young people to have a positive impact in the society. The government cannot do it all and parents cannot do it all but together we can make a difference.

Picnic in the Park 


Part of our service is to build community resilience and create a space for parents to spend quality time with their children in a relaxed environment.

Therefore, in the summer 2019 we had picnic at Daubery field. You can see from the pictures that it was a great success. Unfortunately, we couldn’t host a subsequent picnic in 2020 due to the covid-19 epidemic- lockdown restrictions but as the restrictions are easing, we are looking forward to organising one to aide the community returning back to normal.

The date for the picnic is yet to be confirmed.

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Goals Not Gangs


The strength of the community can protect our young people against street violence, reduce gang culture and decrease knife crime. So we work in collaboration with other professionals, government representatives and local organisations to deliver online sessions  and training. The aim is to enlighten parents and inspire them to work together to build our young people's confidence for a brighter future.

November forum screenshot .png

This open forum meeting gave the opportunity for questions and the highlighting of important topics. 

Joycelyn has been given inspiration for 2022 on important topics.