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Join the forum meetings

As Frank McCourt quite rightly said, 'Everyone has a story to tell'. You don't have to be a parent to join the forum meetings. Similarly you don't have to be in Hackney either. We are open to all adults, professionals and people in the world to share their experiences and understanding of the current issues we have with gang at present. Find out how to join by clicking here.



We run our Youth Club in Clapton Park Methodist Church premises. This space gives us the opportunity to create safe and friendly environment for the young people to interact with their peers off the streets. Your donations towards this youth club will help us to maintain the space for the youth.



Warm Welcome is one of our many initiatives in place to support and connect with the community. Always looking for ways to engage and establish a great space for the community, we welcome helping hands. If you are a organisation and want to get involved, get in touch we would love to hear from you.


You can donate now by clicking the button below


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