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The National Parents and Youth Open Forum team are incredibly passionate about running these forums in order to educate parents, and to encourage the youth to avoid joining gangs to reduce the death rate of their young people, particularly in the Hackney community. The organisation aims to educate parents about signs to look out for and how to protect and safeguard their children by highlighting issues that our young people are facing in the City of London today. NYAPOF believes that the government can’t do it all, and neither can parents. But together, we can make a difference. It is fair to say that one may not be able to stop the gangs form functioning and stop the violence, but we can do something about minimising it to save the future generation.

Our Aim:

Our aim is to ensure that Hackney Borough and beyond is a beautiful, exciting and vibrant place. A place where people are happy and eager to live, work, play and raise children without fears.


Our Objectives:

1) To encourage the local residential community to participate in the regeneration process against knife and gun crime.

2) To promote the education and awareness of the youth culture and gang family in aide of the development of the city of London and in particular the Hackney Borough.

3) To promote Community Cohesion in the Hackney Borough and surrounding areas.

4) To continue building relationships with professionals, local organisations and the community as whole to reduce knife and gun crime and street violence in our communities primarily among the young people.

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